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With almost two decades of experience in handling Australian partner visa applications, our migration agent based in Sydney is an expert when it comes to processing your partner and Family Visa Sydney application.

    Love is Essential for a Partner Visa Application

    From complex Family Visa Sydney matters to simple scenarios of assisting couples with their partner visa applications, our Partner Visa Agent Sydney has got it all covered for you. This page is not intended to provide detailed information about the Australian partner visa application process, which can be found on the websites of other migration agencies specializing in partner visas in Sydney. Instead, it aims to provide you with the essence of a partner visa application.

    Yes, you heard it right. This page won’t help you create a checklist for your partner visa application. Instead, it will help you understand that the things you do in your daily life are the real checklist for your partner visa application. Our Migration Agent Sydney has extensive experience in handling partner migration applications, and what we’ve discovered is that love conquers any checklist. That’s why we always advise our clients not to do anything special, just keep loving your partner. As cliché as it may sound, no other migration agent would offer you this advice when discussing a checklist for your Australian partner visa application.

    Google Reviews

    ritik bhatia
    ritik bhatia
    Best consultants with amazing results. Great work! Best recommendation ever made by my friend.
    Adra Blacktown
    Adra Blacktown
    Samir is a lifesaver. He has supported a client of ours with immigration access issues by providing us with the best advice. His expertise, honesty and empathy has shown no bounds as despite his full case load, he was able to fit us into his tight schedule. This guy is amazing!
    Jaspreet Kaur
    Jaspreet Kaur
    A big thank you to Samir sir for guiding us throughout our journey from student visa to permanent residence. 100% recommended 🙏
    Strongly recommend Samir's well organised service. He is super flexible and competent in what he is doing. 🤜(4 years ago) Here I am coming back to review Samir after 4 years. I have done my earlier review as a student. Since then, I was working with Samir until today to hear the news of myPermanent Residency grant. He has supported me all through this time with great professionalism. Samir did attend to my phone calls and emails in no time and taken good care of the work he does. It was very comfortable to leave the applications with him and stay relaxed as I knew he does his job 100%. Thank u again Samir and I wish u all the very best!
    Sonu Thakur
    Sonu Thakur
    Today is most important and special day in my life. I got my Permanent Resident . I met to Mr. Shamir when Australia Immigration told me leave this country ASAP . I explained to him my whole story to him. He told me if you speak truth don’t worry I will fight for you. He follow the Australia Law and Rule and prepare my file. He is very intelligent and hard working person he checked each and everything by himself. Today within 2 years I got my P.R. Thank you so much by heart Mr. Shamir .
    Anjum Maredia
    Anjum Maredia
    We had a great experience with meritocracy consultancy services for our visa process. They have 100% accuracy with the documents and ensure you have a pleasant experience with hectic visa applications. I would surely recommend them to everyone beginning their process out there.
    Dea Reddy
    Dea Reddy
    My visa was recently granted. Thank you to meritocracy consultancy services for making it happen. A special thanks to Samir for making my immigration journey hassle-free and enjoyable by processing my immigration visa. My family and I have great faith in you, and the immigration-related choices you made for us have been quite successful. Again, many thanks.
    Vivian Peacock
    Vivian Peacock
    Mr Samir has been nothing but professional throughout our dealings. I’ve had a wonderful and pleasant experience and having two successful visas applied through Meritocracy has proven that. Samir is highly dedicated and thorough throughout the process, and he is also very organised. Overall, I am very happy with my successful visa application! I would DEFINITELY recommend him if you are looking for a trustworthy agent. Thank you Samir!

    Complex Relationships

    When it comes to partner visas, our migration agent believes that one size doesn’t fit all. This means that there can be different scenarios in each relationship. Some of the partner visa scenarios identified by our migration agents, who have handled partner visa applications for many years, are provided below:

    • Previous relationships, including multiple relationships involving one or both parties.
    • Multiple Partner Visa Sponsorships.
    • Parties with children.
    • Applicants with a history of immigration issues.
    • Onshore applications with no legal status – Schedule 3.
    • Sponsors with character concerns.
    • Couples in de-facto relationships who do not live together due to cultural norms.
    • Couples who are engaged but do not wish to apply for a prospective marriage visa; instead, they want to explore options for a direct partner visa application.

    Once again, we can gladly assist you with the above-mentioned matters and many other complex scenarios related to your partner visa. Our Partner Visa Migration Agent Sydney specializes in partner visa matters.

    Trusted Partner Visa Agent Sydney

    The simplest, most romantic things you do are often the best demonstrations of your genuine relationship. For example, sending gifts or flowers, surprising your partner with visits, staying in touch regularly, making immediate and long-term plans together, providing financial support, taking care of each other’s well-being, enjoying social activities together, and so on. It doesn’t sound like a checklist; it sounds like what any couple would naturally do every day. To prepare for your partner visa application, all you need to do is keep a record of these activities, and our expert migration agent in Sydney will help you create a flawless partner visa application.

    The main point of this page is not to rely on a checklist but to ensure that you keep a record of the actions you’ve taken in your relationship with your partner to cover all aspects of the relationship, including financial, household, social, commitment, and the overall development of the relationship, including future plans. If you’d like to learn more about how we can assist with your partner visa application or complex Family Visa Sydney matters, please give us a call, and our registered migration agent based in Sydney will be more than happy to help you.

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